About Us

Incorporated in 1975, the Fundy Hiking Trails Association (FHTA) preserves and manages the Dobson Trail and Fundy Footpath. We also provide support to other Active Living Trails in the region developed by the New Brunswick hiking community.  Although we’ve evolved through the years, the origin of FHTA volunteerism dates back to the early 1960s. The Dobson Trail is the oldest volunteer built  and volunteer managed trail in Canada.   

Our trails provide the opportunity for everyone from locals to world travellers to discover the spectacular wilderness in our corner of the world, coastal New Brunswick bordering the Bay of Fundy, designated by UNESCO as the Bay of Fundy Biosphere Reserve. We are affiliated with the Trans Canada Trail , and the International Appalachian Trail .  On-foot engagement with wilderness contributes to the conservation of these unique and important landscapes; we protect what we love.  These three pillars: volunteerism, stewardship, and conservation, serve as the foundation for our organization.

You don’t mention pain, so I’m doubting chafing; which leaves contact dermatitis and infection. As the HRM spends a good deal of time wet, it makes a pretty good medium for fungal colonization and then infection of you (your skin) when you wear it. I’d recommend cleaning the monitor strap thoroughly with whatever the manufacturer recommends, and for the skin you could try any of the otc antifungal creams for yeast infections

Wishing you the best trail adventures!